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Enjoy this incredible trip of kayak camping, Adirondacks style, on the western fringes of the New York Adirondacks! Stillwater Reservoir is 6700 acres, and provides undeveloped, remote camping on both islands and along the shoreline. Our days will be spent paddling during the day, with multiple opportunities along the way to hike and swim. The evenings will be spent watching a cracking fire under the stars after a lakeside dinner. This remote lake offers ample opportunity to escape from daily life and enjoy a much-needed active trip in nature. Nothing beats kayak camping in the Adirondacks.

Trip highlights include:

  • Kayaking, breathwork, meditation, and camping each day
  • Red Horse Trail hike to Salmon Lake (no… unfortunately there’s no salmon there)
  • Island hopping on Stillwater Reservoir, one of the most remote waterways in the Adirondacks
  • Guided by Scott Locorini with 30+ years of experience guiding adventure trips

Available dates: September 12th

Or, inquire above about your own custom date:

What do we mean by “mindful adventure” travel?

Sometimes, stresses of life and work can cause burnout, and we find ourselves off-center. Our multi-day, guided active trips are a perfect way to recalibrate, utilizing adventurous and mindful experiences in the outdoors. It is our mission to provide you the tools to attain, and maintain, a recalibrated mindset.

Our approach to mindfulness — and ultimately what we mean when we say — “mindful adventure” travel is this:


  • Recal Journal. This important element actually begins before the trip itself; as soon as you sign up, you will be sent a Recal Journal. The journal has everything you need to begin your journey toward a recalibrated mindset: prompts for mindful and intentional living, daily highlights, lowlights, reflections, a gratefulness practice, and more. 
  • Mindful Adventure Fitness. If you live in a city where we conduct our in-person ‘Mindful Adventure Fitness’ classes, you can attend a session to practice your meditation, breathwork, and improve your fitness level leading up to your trip.


  • Recal Journal. The trip itself provides the perfect mindspace and environment, immersed in nature, to be present and able to put thoughts and reflections on paper. Our Recal Journal is the perfect tool for this.
  • Meditation. Your Recal guide leads meditations; the outdoor and unplugged nature of the trip enables you to dive more deeply into this mindfulness practice (even if you are new to meditation)
  • Breathwork. In addition to meditation, there are also guided breathing exercises that are immensely helpful to center yourself and dive more deeply into being present.
  • Yoga. The adventure elements of your trip (whether that is paddling, biking, or hiking) aren’t the only physical challenges. Depending on your trip itinerary, yoga will be incorporated. The practice is a flow more akin to recovery and flexibility, as opposed to a power flow, so it is a perfect complement to the physical nature of the trip.
  • Unguided Mindfulness. In addition to the guided elements, we also set aside time in your trip itinerary to explore mindfulness on your own — whether that is a walking meditation, solo sit, silent hike, time to read, additional journaling, or any other activity.


  • Recal Journal. Journaling doesn’t have to end with the trip; we created the journal specifically as an ongoing tool for mindful and intentional living. There is also an option to receive automatic replenishment of the refillable pages of the journal.
  • Mindful Adventure Fitness. The core mission of Recal is to provide you with the tools to attain, and maintain, a recalibrated mindset so you are equipped to navigate all of life’s stressors and challenges. If you live in a city where we conduct in-person classes, consider attending a ‘Mindful Adventure Fitness’ class. And if you aren’t, consider following our content for information on workouts so you can ‘do it yourself.’

To summarize, the three core principles of mindful adventure travel are:

Recal's approach to mindful adventure travel includes complete immersion in nature and multi-day, high activity trips.

A picture of what Recal stands for in the form of an icon with dial all the way up to indicate high-activity in adventure travel and tours.

You can read more about our approach to mindful adventure travel on our About Us page.


Kayak Camping Adirondacks Trip

3-Day, 3-Night (Evening of Sunday Sep 12 - afternoon of Wednesday Sep 15)



Date : September 12, 2021

Our Plan

Arrive in the evening at The Edge Hotel in Lyons Falls, NY. Our outfitter partner will arrange your reservations.


Date : September 13, 2021

Our Plan

We’ll meet at 9AM in the lobby of The Edge, repack what needs to be repacked and drive to Stillwater Reservoir to secure a campsite. Our launch will be determined by where our campsite is. Campsites are first come, first serve but reservable at the launch area. Once a campsite is reserved, we will load the boats and start paddling out to camp. We will have lunch at the put-in. When we arrive at our campsite, we’ll set up camp and have the opportunity to go for a hike or just relax. Organized meditation and yoga will be done before dinner as well.


Date : September 14, 2021

Our Plan

We will wake up to the beautiful sites and sounds of the Adirondacks. Our morning will kick off with a guided breathwork and meditation. After breakfast we will go for a paddle over to the Red Horse Trailhead and hike up to Salmon Lake (no… unfortunately there’s no salmon there) for lunch. After our hike, we’ll have the opportunity to do some fishing on the way back to camp.


Date : September 15, 2021

Our Plan

Much like yesterday, we will begin this morning with a breathwork and meditation practice. After breakfast, we will break camp and paddle our way back to the launch site, enjoying lunch on the way. After take-out, we will say our goodbyes! You will be able to start your return trip home by early afternoon.

  • all pre-trip lodging
  • all on water meals
  • all necessary paddling and camping equipment (except for sleeping bags)
  • any campsite fees
  • Scott Locorini as your NYS Guide and certified kayaking instructor
  • Does not include a sleeping bag, must bring your own
  • Gratuity for guides
  • Transportation to/from Lyons Falls, NY
  1. I participated in the 1000 Islands adventure with Scott in June 2019. Scott is everything you need in a tour guide. Pleasant and conscientious. Thoughtful…even brought along microwave ovens for our rooms.
    Provided all the fixings for delicious bag lunches….love the chocolate snacks as well as nutrition bars. Safety on the water. Nice sea kayaks as well as other practical equipment.
    All good. I hope to do another adventure with Scott.

  2. For us, a couple from New York City, this Kayak trip to Homosassa River, Fl. last week was our second trip with Scot Locorini, AE Adventures, following the first one to the Adirondack Park, NY, last year.
    We enjoyed both trips thoroughly; the fun of Kayaking through those pristine waters of lakes and rivers, with their beautiful sceneries. We appreciated deeply those precious moments of peace, tranquiltity and liberty of life, away from all the dust and din.
    Furthermore, the gulf’s abundant wild life, as those large, beautiful birds and a few Manatees we encountered during the trips, made us feel truly happy and privileged.
    Thanks to Scot’s professional experiences and confidence, we were safe, comfortable, and able to be free of any fear or anxiety about the water traveling. We also met interesting people among our fellow-paddlers.
    We are grateful for this remarkable experience!
    Yangnim and Larry

  3. Scott and his team at AE Adventures took me on a 4 night Adirondack paddling trip in about 2016 and the trip was so over-the-top from the paddling pace, the places visited, wildlife, and last but not least all the meals that I returned the next year and brought my grand daughter and eldest grandson. Scott’s experience and his sharing of information about the areas we were visiting, as well as his knowledge of nature made the trip(s) not just a trip with a company, but with a new found friend. Scott also shared his training and experience with us and one would be hard to find a kinder more experienced or knowledgeable guide anywhere. My grand daughter and grandson were both blown away as they had never taken a trip like this before. During the trip they both talked of coming back for another trip and bring a friend. I hope that they invite me to join them as is an awesome experience worth repeating over and over.

  4. I have paddled three extended kayaking trips with Scott. All have been excellent experiences. Scott is a detailed and meticulous planner, providing safe yet exciting adventures, and I might add, great food and morning coffee.

  5. As part of a five couple kayaking group we engaged AE Adventures for a week long kayaking adventure working out of Lyons Falls NY. We kicked off the week with a dinner with Scott to brief us on the plan for the week. We had asked to paddle for four days to different locations with a day off in the middle to explore local attractions (we ended up going to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake – an excellent choice). Each day’s trip was on different water – a nice variety of lakes, rivers and streams. We are all fairly experienced calm water paddlers but each of us learned something new from Scott. The boats we used were first class touring kayaks in top notch condition. Scott prepared great sandwiches and snacks for lunch each day and found a comfortable place to go ashore to eat. All in all, Scott provides a great program and we all had a great time. Recommend him highly.

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Well in advance of the trip, we will provide a packlist of all the items you should consider packing.

One notable item: you must bring your own sleeping bag.

We do not provide travel to the start location for any of our Recal trips. We feel that everyone has transportation preferences, alt-travel options for work, or even points to use on their credit card, so we choose not to mandate any particular type of travel.

If you have any questions or require help booking travel, feel free to ask us!

NOTE: there may be 'intra-trip' transportation needs (example: traveling from attraction to attraction, etc.). The trip outline and details or the outfitter themselves will specify if this included in the trip price.

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