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This SUP (Stand-up Paddleboard) camping trip is a bucket list adventure, spending 4 days, 3 nights on the Green River and paddling through Labyrinth Canyon. This unique trip includes a guide, transportation, food, sleeping kits, snacks and drinks. All your overnight gear will be taken down river by a support craft and will be available to you at camp. The river’s natural currents will help you move along for a total of 45 miles of canyon country surrounded by spectacular sandstone cliffs, buttes, mesas and spires in breath-taking color.

Previous paddle experience is not necessary but would be helpful. What is necessary is physical fitness, as paddling everyday can be physically demanding. The guides are all certified SUP instructors who have experience with our paddleboard camping trips. They will teach proper paddling technique and how to use the river’s current to your advantage.

There is a minimum of 4 paddlers for this trip to go off. If you are just one person, you will be added to the waitlist and notified if we reach the amount needed. In the meantime, invite some friends!

Available dates: August 27 – 30

Or, inquire below about your own custom date:

What do we mean by “mindful adventure” travel?

Sometimes, stresses of life and work can cause burnout, and we find ourselves off-center. Our multi-day, guided active trips are a perfect way to recalibrate, utilizing adventurous and mindful experiences in the outdoors. It is our mission to provide you the tools to attain, and maintain, a recalibrated mindset.

Our approach to mindfulness — and ultimately what we mean when we say — “mindful adventure” travel is this:


  • Recal Journal. This important element actually begins before the trip itself; as soon as you sign up, you will be sent a Recal Journal. The journal has everything you need to begin your journey toward a recalibrated mindset: prompts for mindful and intentional living, daily highlights, lowlights, reflections, a gratefulness practice, and more. 
  • Mindful Adventure Fitness. If you live in a city where we conduct our in-person ‘Mindful Adventure Fitness’ classes, you can attend a session to practice your meditation, breathwork, and improve your fitness level leading up to your trip.


  • Recal Journal. The trip itself provides the perfect mindspace and environment, immersed in nature, to be present and able to put thoughts and reflections on paper. Our Recal Journal is the perfect tool for this.
  • Meditation. Your Recal guide leads meditations; the outdoor and unplugged nature of the trip enables you to dive more deeply into this mindfulness practice (even if you are new to meditation)
  • Breathwork. In addition to meditation, there are also guided breathing exercises that are immensely helpful to center yourself and dive more deeply into being present.
  • Yoga. The adventure elements of your trip (whether that is paddling, biking, or hiking) aren’t the only physical challenges. Depending on your trip itinerary, yoga will be incorporated. The practice is a flow more akin to recovery and flexibility, as opposed to a power flow, so it is a perfect complement to the physical nature of the trip.
  • Unguided Mindfulness. In addition to the guided elements, we also set aside time in your trip itinerary to explore mindfulness on your own — whether that is a walking meditation, solo sit, silent hike, time to read, additional journaling, or any other activity.


  • Recal Journal. Journaling doesn’t have to end with the trip; we created the journal specifically as an ongoing tool for mindful and intentional living. There is also an option to receive automatic replenishment of the refillable pages of the journal.
  • Mindful Adventure Fitness. The core mission of Recal is to provide you with the tools to attain, and maintain, a recalibrated mindset so you are equipped to navigate all of life’s stressors and challenges. If you live in a city where we conduct in-person classes, consider attending a ‘Mindful Adventure Fitness’ class. And if you aren’t, consider following our content for information on workouts so you can ‘do it yourself.’

To summarize, the three core principles of mindful adventure travel are:

Recal's approach to mindful adventure travel includes complete immersion in nature and multi-day, high activity trips.

A picture of what Recal stands for in the form of an icon with dial all the way up to indicate high-activity in adventure travel and tours.

You can read more about our approach to mindful adventure travel on our About Us page.


Stand-up Paddleboard Camping Trip

The 4-day itinerary will be provided before the trip!

  • licensed guide
  • transportation (to/from outfitter office in Moab and paddle launch sites)
  • all food, snacks, and drinks
  • sleeping kits

Note: all of your overnight gear will be taken down river by a support craft and will be available to you at camp.

  • transportation to Moab, UT
  • gratuities for guides
  • alcoholic beverages

Upon arrival you will be provided with a dry bag for camp items and a day bag for you to pack your belongings. Items to bring for each bag are:

  • Day Bag Items:
        •    Water bottle
        •    Swim suit
        •    Sun protection
        •    Shoes that can get wet
        •    Hat
        •    Sunglasses with a retainer strap
        •    Sunscreen
        •    Bandanna
        •    Camera, but it is at your own risk as it may get wet.
    Dry Bag Items:
        •    Long pants and shirt
        •    Hiking/camp socks
        •    Camp shoes that you could also use for light hiking
        •    Warm wool sweater, sweatshirt or fleece jacket
        •    Thermal underwear top and bottoms
        •    Rain gear
        •    Flashlight
        •    Small towel
        •    Biodegradable soap/shampoo
        •    Insect repellent and hand lotion
        •    Personal hygiene kit

Our outfitter partner provides an FAQ here if needed.

  1. Wonderful company. I needed an off-season shuttle ride and Moab Paddle really came through for me! I’m looking forward to joining one of their paddle trips soon. Thank you!!!

  2. This is a must do. Hunter was an awesome guide. This was our first time paddle boarding and he give great instruction and made it a ton of fun. He is extremely knowledgeable of the area and made tour that much better. We were also fortunate to have Charlotte with us as well. She was super nice and even willing to help with some photos for us. Greatest tour we did in moab.

  3. We had the best time with Paddle Moab! Hunter was our guide and he was very knowledgeable about the area, we learned a ton and had fun too! Hunter told us about hikes in the area one of which we ended up doing the next day. He also suggested we take the scenic route home – we did and it did not disappoint! We did the flat water fun trip which was relaxing and beautiful, there was no one on the river while we were there. We would definitely go again, this was one of the highlights of our trip!

  4. Fantastic, easy-going Golden Hour paddle board/kayak trip with great guides Hunter and Charlotte. Paddle Moab accommodated our late-in-the-day request for a river trip. They provided everything we needed for our family of five (even snacks for a quick rest stop on the side of the river). Hunter was entertaining and shared many fascinating details about the area as we made our way down the river. We always felt safe and never felt rushed. The scenery and our guides made this a great experience.

  5. Definitely a (half day) trip of a lifetime! Guides were fun and knowledgeable, very experienced on the natural river environment and helped me feel confident! Did the Splish and Splash Adventure which had numerous rapids but enough calmer water in between them to “goof off” take photos, and check out the amazing scenery in the canyon! The wide and stable SUP board was easy to stand on. Would definitely recommend this service for a SUP river adventure. Can’t wait to go again.

  6. Awesome shop run by very cool dudes! Great quality boards, we had such a spectacular time SUPing down the Colorado river! Definitely rent your boards here, and they have a lovely shop dog named chance!!

  7. This was the highlight of our trip! The tour was breathtakingly beautiful–unparalleled scenery! Hunter was a fabulous guide. We had so much fun paddleboarding with him. He also shared countless recommendations for hikes and restaurants that made the rest of our trip that much better.

  8. We loved our trip paddle boarding down the river! Hunter was our guide. By the end we were trying headstands on our paddle boards. We spent so much time laughing and floating down the river with probably as much time in the river as on the boards. Hunter has some great stories and is knowledgeable and passionate about the area. This place is great. All of us loved this experience!

  9. Just finished the hands down the best guided trip paddle trip in Moab! Hunter was our guide and was knowledgeable about all things paddling and river related. The rapids were a blast, I would highly recommend this crew to anyone looking for a fun and enjoyable experience in Moab.

  10. Just finished a whitewater SUP trip with Hunter and loved it! We actually did the “Splish and Splash” SUP trip with Paddle Moab in 2018, and decided to come back and do the whitewater trip. Hunter made our trip fun and exciting, while also making sure we always felt safe. Everyone we met at Paddle Moab was professional and friendly, and everything about the trip from start to finish was great. I hope to come back and do another trip with them again soon!

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For this specific trip, the outfitter will provide you with a packlist of all the items you should consider packing.

We do not provide travel to the start location for any of our Recal trips. We feel that everyone has transportation preferences, alt-travel options for work, or even points to use on their credit card, so we choose not to mandate any particular type of travel.

If you have any questions or require help booking travel, feel free to ask us!

NOTE: some trips have 'intra-trip' transportation needs (i.e. traveling from attraction to attraction or from rafting take-out to canyoneering site, etc.). The trip outline and details will specify if this included in the trip price.

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