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Modern culture has a way to push us to live a life for its purpose, not our own.

We believe living life intentionally and purposefully unlocks all of what the human experience has to offer. When we slow down and tap into our true nature, we can figure out what we’re really meant for, what’s meant for us, and how to align our lives with those truths.

Our goal is to provide highly productive, professionally ambitious individuals like you with nature- and science-based tools to access a more fulfilled and mindful way of living and working in the modern world.

Our community is full of people that have worked hard, hit the milestones toward success, and achieved some financial reward, but still feel like something is missing.

So, what can you do about it?

The Recalibrate Mastermind is here to help you find the answers and feel better by guiding you through a transformative experience of self-discovery and recalibration. Our unique solution is certainly not for everyone. The Recalibrate Mastermind is different from most other masterminds – we’re not all about business. We go beyond that and into the depths of life, peer support, friendship, connection, nature, consciousness, and mindset.

Here’s how we do it:

We start with your physical self. By introducing you to our recommended ways of living more naturally and in connection with nature, we will help you reset your nervous system, balance hormones, and help your body do all the good things that keep you alive, healthy, and productive.

Then we build your mindfulness toolkit. We will teach you multiple modalities of mindfulness to see what types work best for you, because we know everything doesn’t work for everyone. Our goal is to help you use tools like meditation, breathwork, cold exposure, journaling, and more to become more emotionally intelligent and rewire neural pathways in your brain.

Next, we focus on your professional life. This is where you will learn conscious business principles to help you redefine your business and the impact it makes. Through this process, you might also find more purpose and inspiration for the work you do.

Lastly, we work on your mindset. Our mindset training program will land you deeper inside your mind/body than ever before, challenging your perceived physical limit to its very edge. Maybe even showing you that that edge is a product of your mind, not your reality.

Every part of the Recalibrate Mastermind is guided by our highly experienced Recal Coaches, but you own the work.

You will be challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This is not easy. In fact, at times it’s going to feel impossible, but through it, you will rewire your physical and mental systems – ultimately reaching the fullest expression of life.

Life is too valuable not to live it fully. So take this journey with us to Recalibrate in 2023.

More info: 4 Pillars of the Recalibrate Mastermind

Mindful Leadership Connect with Nature Conscious Capitalism Misogi Challenge

We will embrace mindfulness….

→ to increase your emotional intelligence


  1. Start w/ you - find your ‘best fit’ mindfulness practice
  2. Strengthen / Apply - build ‘muscle’ through intentional practice in real life
  3. Expand / Share - Begin teaching others (fam, colleagues, community)

Result: Raise self-awareness & EQ; reduce reactivity to modern day stressors

We will tap into nature….

→ to improve your mental and physical well-being


  1. Daily practice w/ Recal Guidebook (“Toes in the water”)
  2. Active fitness in nature (“Waist deep”)
  3. Recal Adventure Travel Trip (“Plunge into the deep”)


Result: Knowledge and ability to leverage nature to enhance daily life

We will redefine your business impact….

→ so that you find more fulfillment and purpose at work



  1. Learn about conscious capitalism
  2. Make it personal, purposeful, and impactful
  3. Execute with a servant-leader mentality


Result: Gain bigger sense of fulfillment through your profession

We will strengthen your mindset….

→ to bust through negative, self-limiting beliefs


  1. First, we will define for you what aa Misogi is
  2. Next, you will explore options, identify your Misogi, and share it with the group
  3. With your coach, you will game plan, ideate, and commit to the training
  4. Then, it's time to execute and push through

Result: Update your mindset through physical perseverance & strengthen your mind-body connection

The Guidebook

Inspired by mindfulness gurus.
  Enhanced by nature.
    Backed by science.
      Designed for you. 

The Mastermind program’s foundational piece is following our methodology for everyday living. And to help get you rolling with that, we provide you with the Recal Guidebook.

The Guidebook is a daily system that helps you focus on the most important things, so you can live each moment with greater presence, productivity, and purpose.

Ali Rogers writing on Recal Journal
The Recall Guidebook laying in grass.

Here's how it works

This Guidebook ‘guides’ (huh, imagine that) you through a journaling practice every day to help you become more intentional and aware of your life. Some of the tools include:

  • The Calibration Check-in
  • Gratitude Practice
  • Habit Tracker
  • Top Priorities for the Day
  • Daily Reflections

…and other elements that are key to a more mindful way of living, like checking in on your connection with nature, fitness, relationships, and other big, important parts of your life.

The Guidebook is a way to bring the principles and methodology behind Recal to the forefront  of your everyday life – so you can truly live it. It is a tried and true, tested and vetted system to get you closer to creating the world you want to live in.

What we’re going to do

This program is not for everyone.

We will challenge you to get uncomfortable — because we believe if you seek discomfort, there’s growth on the other side. Our goal is to equip you with a mindset to seek and accept discomfort instead of resist it.

    We’re going to get cold.
    We’re going to be vulnerable.
    We’re going to go barefoot.
    We’re going to go without food.
    We’re going to challenge our physical limits.
    We’re going to challenge our current ways of thinking.

All of this, so that we can carve out a way of living that is more intentional, fulfilling, emotionally-regulated, present and aware

And the best part? We’re going to do it together. 

woman in ice bath - Wim Hof Weekend Retreat in Minnesota

Your Investment

The price is $9,500 per person. This investment includes the entire 6-month hands-on program, including the Recal Trip as our ‘capstone.’

50% of your investment is due after your acceptance.
The remaining 50% is due 90 days in advance of the group Recal trip.

If your employer is covering this investment as continuing education or executive leadership development, we’re happy to provide documentation of the program and its benefits.

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