Outfitter: ROAM Beyond, Whitefish Outfitters Length: 5-days / 4-nights
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Recal Travel and Quiet Parks International are proud to present:

The Quiet Park Trip Series, Glacier National Park

Our trip to Glacier National Park in Montana is a cornerstone of the Quiet Park Trip Series. We've crafted an experience that takes you out of your noisy work environment and into one of the quietest (meaning the least amount of human-made noise) places in the U.S. Surrounded by the pristine forests of Northwest Montana and calm, glacial-fed waters, we will guide you into the quiet in hopes to unlock an inner peace that matches the outer quiet of this unique place.

The Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park (which consists of Glacier National Park of the U.S. and Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada) is an upcoming Quiet Wilderness Park, as defined by the non-profit organization, and official partner of the Quiet Park Trip Series, Quiet Parks International (QPI). It also currently holds the designation of a Dark Sky Park. The combination of quiet and dark skies lend themselves to an ideal atmosphere for a transformational travel experience.

Trip Details

We will be hosted by ROAM Beyond, an independently-owned and operated, racially-inclusive, and sustainability-minded off-the-grid lodging provider. Your trip leader will be one of our Recal Coaches - see the full list here.

Our trip will kick off at ROAM Beyond's Glacier location in Columbia Falls, MT. If you fly into the Glacier Park International Airport (located in Kalispell, MT), it is only about a 20-minute drive from the airport. Thursday, our first day, gives us an opportunity to meet in-person as a group for the first time. After some warm introductions and logistical details to go over, we will dive into mindfulness to set the stage for the coming days. This will include an introspective dinner and intention-setting campfire exercise.

Over the course of the next few days, we will continue our dive into the quiet -- both inner in the form of guided mindfulness practices, as well as outer quiet from the natural soundscape that surrounds us in Montana. We will also ride e-bikes through the heart of Glacier National Park on a car-less Going-to-the-Sun Road, forest bathe on trails in the mountains, experience a silent hike in one of the most remote and quiet parts of Glacier National Park, and spend a night camping under the dark sky. 

This has the elements of a transformational experience - nature immersion, guided mindfulness practice to achieve inner quiet, naturally quiet soundscape for outer quiet, dark skies, and incredible mountain views that make you feel small in the heart of glacier-carved valleys and peaks. We are excited to share this incredible opportunity to escape our noisy daily lives and grow together with you.



  • $2,750/person for shared cabin, twin/bunk bed
    • The default is two people in a shared cabin, but can be as many as four depending on the group
  • $2,950/person for shared cabin, queen bed
  • $3,450/person for solo cabin to yourself


  • Inquire about a specific date for you or your group


  • View a full day-by-day itinerary in the Trip Outline tab

Our mission behind the Quiet Park Trip Series is to help preserve quiet. QPI co-founder Gordon Hempton explains that “landowners and managers will save quiet if it provides them ways to economically sustain themselves.” As as result of the partnership between Recal and QPI, the trip series helps to stimulate economic development in a respectful and mindful way in some of the few remaining quiet places in the world.

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Quiet Park Trip Series: Glacier, Montana

5-day, 4-night Itinerary



Date : June 2, 2022


Arrive and warm welcome from trip leaders. Today, we will settle in at ROAM Beyond with an orientation meet-and-greet. We will also practice our first meditative exercise with a 'quiet' dinner; this will open our senses to the food we eat and sounds we heard, setting the stage for introspection that will continue throughout the trip. We will break the silence after dinner with a campfire and intention-setting exercise and identify the "why" behind the reasons we're all here.

Day One Overview:
Introspective Dinner
Fire Circle with Intention-Setting

Into Glacier National Park

Date : June 3, 2022


We will begin the day with a morning meditation, breathwork, and awareness-building of how our senses are reacting to the quiet nature around us. Then, throughout the day, we will be intentional to include periodic pauses to take in the environment and begin to identify sensory patterns for the continued quieting of our experience.

Our primary activity for the day will be our first journey into Glacier National Park and ride an e-bike on a car-free Going-to-the-Sun Road scenic highway. Unlike when the road is open to cars, this is an opportune time to experience the park while roads are quiet and crowds are much smaller. During our biking experience, we will stop halfway in a particularly quiet part of the park for a group breathwork and meditation focused on the natural soundscape around us.

We will complete our day with a night-time meditation that continues to re-attune our bodies to the natural circadian rhythms of nature.

Day Two Overview
Guided Nature Meditation (Outer Quiet)
Morning and Night meditations to re-attune you to the natural circadian rhythms of nature
Breathwork (Inner Quiet) and Post-Breathwork Sensory Meditation
Group Meditation to Nature Sounds within the Park

Into the Quiet

Date : June 4, 2022


Today is a very important day of our trip; we will head to one of the most remote areas of Glacier National Park -- and as immersive of a quiet experience as we will attain on this trip. From the moment we leave ROAM Beyond’s grounds until we reach our destination, the entire journey here is an exercise in mindfulness, and we ask that all individuals respect the quiet space we will be creating for the group on this day.

Once we arrive in the Northwest part of the park, we will practice a group breathwork to the sounds of nature before embarking on a Silent Hike. This will likely be a challenging and rewarding experience for all.

After completing the hike, we will ease into camp at Lake Kintla (or Bowman depending on availability) for an introspective dinner, campfire, and stargazing.

Day Three Overview:
Journey Deep into Quiet in the Northwest
Silent Hike (Outer Quiet, Listening to Nature Sounds)
Introspective Dinner
Campfire Circle and Stargazing

Inner and Outer Quiet

Date : June 5, 2022


This is our final full day together. We will begin our day similar to the others, with a morning breathwork and meditation, and then eat breakfast at the campground. Before leaving, we will enjoy one more hike to continue our introspection and respect for quiet in this incredibly unique soundscape.

After the hike, we will head back to ROAM Beyond in Columbia Falls. Once there, we’ll allow time for individual exploration and unguided activities before sitting down for our final dinner, a catered meal from Montana Craft Kitchen, and group campfire to reflect on the last four days. We will discuss ways in which inner and outer quiet have impacted us, and what to expect when we return home.

Day Four Overview:
Breathwork (Inner Quiet)
Post-Breathwork Sensory Meditation
Mindful Forest Bathing (Outer Quiet, Listening to Nature Sounds)
Unguided Individual Exploration (Inner Quiet)
Final Group Dinner
Campfire Reflections


Date : June 6, 2022


Knowing that we'll be re-entering the noisy world from which we came, there will be one last dive into ourselves to achieve inner peace through a yoga practice meant to reacquaint ourselves...with ourselves.

We will also share information with you on how to stay in touch with the group and Coach to keep up the practices that we worked on during the trip. You will also receive your next set of Recal Journal pages to continue your journaling practice.

And with that... we say our goodbyes and depart from beautiful Glacier, Montana.

Day Five Overview:
Yoga: Postures to Warm up and Reacquaint with Ourselves (Inner Silence)

  • Recal Coach and trip leader for all mindfulness practices throughout the trip
    • including breathwork, meditation, quiet hikes, and more
  • Four total nights lodging
    • three nights in trailer cabins at ROAM Beyond's Columbia Falls, MT location
    • one night at a campground within the national park (all camping gear included)
  • All food and beverages for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the trip
  • Intra-trip transportation to local experiences
  • E-biking trip on Going-to-the-Sun Road (closed to cars and other vehicles)
    • Including bike and safety equipment rentals
  • Vehicle parking is available (if driving to Montana)
  • A Recal journal as a companion to your quiet journey
  • Transportation to Columbia Falls, Montana
  • Gratuities (as you see fit) for local guides and Recal coach

The trip begins at ROAM Beyond's location in Columbia Falls, Montana, which is about twenty minutes from the Glacier International Airport.

The address is:
2347 Middle Rd
Columbia Falls MT 59912

For 3 of the 4 nights of our trip, we will be occupying three "haven" sites at ROAM Beyond, which consist of two 'roaming' cabins each. The cabins have a queen bed (and bunks if you are in a shared cabin), small kitchenette, showers, running water, and electricity.

For our 1 night inside the national park, we will be camping at a National Park Campground in the Northwest part of the park. We will be renting camping gear from a local outfitter, which will include your tent, sleeping bag, and other camp essentials. This will be our only night sleeping in a tent.

Sure thing.

Perched at the edge of Glacier National Park, ROAM Beyond has panoramic mountain views and classic summer camp experiences.

While staying there (3 out of 4 nights of our trip), you will start and end your days in a fully-equipped roaming cabin. Each cabin has dual electric heaters and fans, a kitchenette with basic cookware and two-burner induction stove, private bathrooms with hot showers, and down pillows and comforters.

ROAM Beyond also values the impact their guests' experience when being immersed in nature, and are deeply committed to preserving enjoyment of our natural resources for generations to come. They take steps in every detail to limit their impact on the environment.

Other Amenities:
Daily fresh coffee and tea
Shaded cooking & dining areas
Fire pits & outdoor lounge furniture
Fishing pond & lawn games

We will send you a full Packlist of items to bring in advance of the trip. But for starters, here's a few things you'll need to bring:

Bug Spray
Flashlight or Headlamp
Reusable water bottle/canteen
Activewear clothing you are comfortable hiking, biking, practicing yoga, and sitting/lying on the ground in
Hiking shoes
Recal Journal (which will be sent to you before the trip)
Any personal items that you use for your own mindfulness practices
Yoga mat (optional)

Please note: DO NOT bring bear spray on the plane if you are flying to Montana. Your Recal Coach and other guides will have bear spray at all applicable times. You are free to purchase some after you've arrived and carry it with you as much as you feel comfortable.

There will be a Recal coach on the trip leading you through this trip into the quiet. You will experience guided breathwork, meditation, quiet hikes, and other forms of mindfulness.

You will also have our Recal Journal available to you for journaling throughout the trip.

And lastly, given you will be in nature in one of the most beautiful places in the world, there will be more than enough unguided opportunities for mindfulness -- we encourage this as well.

This trip is primarily for adults, so you must be at least 18 years old. Contact us with any questions

If you have to cancel, send us a note at least 45 days before the event and we should be able to accommodate.

All of our trips enact a 'Presence Policy,' in which you commit to limiting phone use and other technology that pull you away from your awareness of the trip. This is particularly important for our Quiet Series, as our phones and computers are a bridge to the noisy world we are intentionally leaving behind for a brief time.

In case of emergencies, there is cell reception and wifi at ROAM Beyond. However, when we venture into the park on Friday and from Sunday to Monday morning, there will be limited to no cell reception for that period of time.

Meet your Recal Coach:

Scott Stone

Scott is an entrepreneur, transformational coach, and breathwork facilitator.

He’s worked as management in Fortune 50 companies, scaled international medical start-ups and now works with executives and entrepreneurs to uncover subconscious patterns and dissolve limiting beliefs. Utilizing techniques like breathwork, yoga and meditation, Scott helps individuals guide themselves back to re-inhabiting their mind, body, and heart.

Scott is certified in Wim Hof and Buteyko breathwork methods, as well as yoga instructor. You can view his Wim Hof workshops and follow him on Instagram.


Also joining the Trip: Anthony Lorubbio

Anthony is a two-time founder, three-time CEO, and formerly burned out executive. These days, he likes to consider himself part of the new breed of purpose-driven, social entrepreneur. At the beginning of 2021, amidst his own bout with burnout, Lorubbio took a pause, reconnected with his authentic self through breathworknature, and mindfulness practices, and founded Recal to help people that are facing a similar situation.

His winding path through the grind of modern life finally gave way to clarity when he was introduced to the concept of the Evolution Mismatch Theory, which explains that there is a disconnect between the way humans live in today’s modern world, versus how we biologically (over many years of evolution) adapted to live. This simple fact contributes to so many of the physical and mental ailments we face today, including chronic stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Under Lorubbio’s direction, Recal has designed guided, retreat-style trips that reconnect with nature and ourselves as humans. By utilizing these mindful and adventurous experiences in the outdoors, you are able to recalibrate your mind and body to better navigate modern life’s stressors and challenges.

You can follow Anthony’s journey with Recal on LinkedIn or Instagram.