Our Solution to Burnout:

Mindful Adventure Travel

We believe the best way to recover from burnout is a guided, retreat-style trip that involves three core principles:

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Immersion in Nature

Modern life often creates separation between ourselves and nature. Recal trips help us reconnect. We believe a nature-immersive trip is the best way to recover from burnout.


Your Recal Coach will be your guide for the mindfulness elements of the trip. We will practice guided breathwork, meditation, and quiet hikes. There will also be time set aside for unguided mindfulness, journaling, and self-discovery.

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We believe a great way to combat burnout is to incorporate adventure and physical activity over multiple days. This enables us to engage our bodies alongside our minds to ignite a true mind+body recalibration.

Hear from our founder, Anthony Lorubbio, as he explains how to recover from burnout through Mindful Adventure Travel:
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