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Breathwork-based coaching for life's most ambitious endeavors.

Don’t make the mountain harder than it needs to be.

Our breathwork training is designed to equip you for your high-altitude adventures. Whether you’re climbing Kilimanjaro or attempting to summit a local mountain: plan ahead, train hard, and move through the altitude with ease with our altitude training.

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Logo lockup that says "High Altitude Breathwork Training"
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With Recal, you will embark on a journey to:

Breathe Easier at Altitude

Improving the efficiency of your breathing is important for preventing severe hypoxia (low oxygen) at altitude. Our goal is to enable you to keep your breathing rate slow, deep, and controlled.

Make Physiological Adaptations

We'll simulate high altitude through breathwork. This will make adaptations in you body, including new red blood cells and increased CO2 tolerance to feel less breathless and deliver oxygen more optimally.

Strengthen your Respiratory Muscles

Due to the thinner air at altitude, you have to work harder to get air into your lungs. We'll target strength training for your diaphragm so that you can breathe better at altitude, while not taxing other muscles.

Why Recal?

Hi, Anthony Lorubbio here. I’m the head coach, researcher, and personal guinea pig behind Recal.

Along the journey of my career, I often felt stressed out and distracted with my work. I went looking for a way to change that, and I found methods — breathwork, nature immersion, adventure travel, cold exposure, and community — that changed my life. 

I launched Recal shortly after, and we’ve since created training programs to get you ready to take on life’s greatest endeavors — from the world’s highest peaks, to every day family dinner. In addition to reaching the top of your mountain, my goal is to help you get intentional about navigating stressors and living a more focused and fulfilling life.


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