We are Recal: short for 'recalibrate'

Breathwork-based coaching that gets you ready for any adventure.
Especially everyday life.

High Altitude Breathwork Training

Don't let altitude be a setback on your upcoming trip

If not prepared, the altitude can negatively impact your trip experience.

Our breathwork training is designed to equip you for your high-altitude adventure. 

Whether you’re climbing Kilimanjaro or attempting to summit your first mountain, we want to ensure you are prepared.

Read more about the science and research behind our high altitude breathwork training:

Man wearing a black shirt that says Oxygen Advantage on it has his hands on ribs and coaching someone on a breathwork exercise at a gym.

Why Recal?

Hi, Anthony Lorubbio here. I’m a two-time founder, three-time CEO, and the guy behind Recal. I experienced some business success early in my career, but along that journey I often felt distracted, disconnected, and lacking a greater purpose behind my work.

I went looking for answers, and I found methods that changed my life. I then began to share them with other executives and entrepreneurs and heard from them I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. The problem is massive — there’s an entire field of study called the Mismatch Theory of Evolution. In short, modern-day stimuli are overwhelming our ages-old operating system, and we’re left feeling distracted, dysregulated, and drained.

I launched Recal to get the methods that work for me — mindfulness, breathwork, nature immersion, adventure travel, cold exposure, community, and more — into the hands of executives and entrepreneurs like you to better navigate stressors and live more focused and fulfilling lives.


With Recal, you will embark on a journey to:

Increase your EQ

using methods like breathwork to become more emotionally intelligent and regulated

Connect with Nature to Recalibrate

and improve your mood, focus, hormonal balance, HRV, and general mental & physical well-being

Build your Mental Resilience

through mental fitness training, you will strengthen your resilience to stress and bust through negative, self-limiting beliefs

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