We are Recal, short for 'recalibrate'

Let's unlock a more fulfilling and mindful way of living and working in the modern world.

Live life. Don't react to it.

There are more stress-triggering stimuli today than ever before….

Yet we’re operating on the same hardware we always have. The list below are common consequences; maybe you’re experiencing some?

emotional dysregulation

That "URGENT" email we get on Friday evening elicits the same fight/flight response that our ancestors activated to react to a predator

constant distraction

It's impossible to focus on the important things (or even figure out what they are) when so many things are grabbing at our attention

mental fatigue

The constant processing of and responding to so many stimuli lead us toward burnout and loss of passion, creativity, and motivation

So, what can you do about it?

Join Recal on a Journey...

To learn nature and science-based tools to navigate the demands of modern life.

Here are results you can expect:

Why Recal?

Hi, Anthony Lorubbio here. I’m a two-time founder, three-time CEO, and the guy behind Recal. I experienced some business success early in my career, but along that journey I often felt distracted, disconnected, and lacking a greater purpose behind my work.

I went looking for answers, and I found tools that changed my life. I then began to share them with others and found this problem is massive — there’s an entire field of study into this called the Mismatch Theory of Evolution. In short, modern-day stimuli are overwhelming our ages-old operating system.

I launched Recal, which is short for recalibrate, to get the tools that work for me — breathwork, nature, travel, cold exposure, mindfulness, community, and more — into the hands of people like you to better navigate stressors and live a more fulfilling and intentional life. That’s my hope for you, at least!


Take Steps Toward Recalibration


You can apply below. Our max group size is 12 (and we may keep it smaller).


If accepted, you'll join other members on our coach-led journey, deep into the tools and pillars of Recal.


Coaching, community, and nature. A better recipe for navigating the issues brought on by our modern way of living.


From here, you'll be equipped to live a more fulfilling, mindful life.

Your investment to participate in the 6-month Mastermind and Recal Trip is $9,500.

Drop your info below and you'll be directed to the application.

If your employer is covering this investment as continuing education or executive leadership development, we’re happy to provide documentation of the program and its benefits.

Together, we'll embark on a journey to:


with tools like breathwork to increase your EQ and ability to regulate your emotions


to improve your mood, focus, hormonal balance, HRV, and general mental & physical well-being


you will clarify the purpose behind your business, enabling you to make the impact you actually want, while finding more fulfillment along the way


using a physical challenge, you will bust through negative, self-limiting beliefs and increase your mental resilience


The Coaches

Your coaches are here to guide the way. 

Spanning from different backgrounds and each influencing a different pillar of our Mastermind group,
they will help facilitate your hands-on learning, feeling, and experiencing of the methods.

They will be a consistent resource for you throughout the six months and on the Recal trip.

Briony Gunson

Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation Coach

Briony is a certified mindset coach, seasoned meditation teacher, and facilitator across multiple breathwork disciplines.

Tara Jenkins

Conscious Business Coach

Tara Jenkins is the founder and CEO of Conscious Revolution and co-lead of the Portland Conscious Capitalism Chapter.

Pedro Sanjurjo

Outdoor Fitness and Misogi Coach

Pedro is an experienced and highly accomplished health, wellness, performance, and breathwork coach.

Modern culture has a way to push us to live a life for its purpose, not our own.

We believe that living life with intention and purpose means unlocking all of what the human experience has to offer, tapping into what you’re really meant for and not putting effort into a slew of unintentional results.  

Our goal is to provide highly productive, professionally ambitious individuals like you with nature and science-based tools to unlock a more fulfilling and mindful way of living and working in the modern world. Our community is full of people that have worked hard, hit the milestones toward success, achieved some financial reward, yet aren’t quite feeling that sense of fulfillment and happiness they expected.

So, what can you do about it?

Your Investment

The price is $9,500 per person. This investment includes the entire 6-month hands-on program, including the Recal Trip as our ‘capstone.’

50% of your investment is due after your acceptance.
The remaining 50% is due 90 days in advance of the group Recal trip.

If your employer is covering this investment as continuing education or executive leadership development, we’re happy to provide documentation of the program and its benefits.

Black man practicing yoga in nature

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Our Recal Trips

We combine adventure travel with breathwork and other mindfulness practices to recalibrate your nervous system. Each trip is co-hosted by a group of independently-owned, racially inclusive, and sustainability-minded outfitters, in tandem with a Recal Coach. You can view our trips below:


Recal 2022 Trips

2022 Trip Lineup: Trips Are Open for Registration Burnout is one of the biggest challenges in our modern era. We are constantly bombarded with information and stimuli that can be very overwhelming, which contribute to the high levels of stress […]

2022 Trip Lineup: Trips Are Open for Registration

Consistent with our commitment to hosting inclusive and meaningful adventures, Recal has become a member of the Black Tourism Talent (BTT) network. Due to a longstanding culture of exclusionary practices, Black Americans have historically been kept out of careers in […]

Recal Announces Membership with Black Tourism Talent

Recal Travel is excited to announce our partnership with Transformational Travel Council (TTC) as an Ally. We believe our shared philosophy—the power of travel as a catalyst for deepening human connection—holds immense potential for positive transformation, both in the lives […]

Recal Announces Ally Membership with Transformational Travel Council
ddling Adventure in the Midwest

Ready for an active traveling adventure full of paddling, biking, and mindfulness to shed your work-induced stress? We are excited to offer this (mostly) unscripted adventure through the rolling hills and rivers of Southern Wisconsin in summertime. Starting in Madison, […]

New Trip from Recal: Biking and Paddling Adventure in the Midwest

On April 30, 2021, Recal was featured in a press release from Adventure Travel News, run by the industry’s leading trade group Adventure Travel Trade Association. Recal’s vision, centered around “Mindful Adventure Travel,” was on full display in the article. […]

News of Recal’s Press Release from Adventure Travel News

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