Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Scott Stone

Scott is an entrepreneur, transformational coach, and breathwork facilitator.

He’s worked as management in Fortune 50 companies, scaled international medical start-ups and now works with executives and entrepreneurs to uncover subconscious patterns and dissolve limiting beliefs. Utilizing techniques like breathwork, yoga and meditation, Scott helps individuals guide themselves back to re-inhabiting their mind, body, and heart.

Scott is certified in Wim Hof and Buteyko breathwork methods, as well as yoga instructor. You can view his Wim Hof workshops and follow him on Instagram.

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Brittany Lillegard

Brittany is a yoga & meditation teacher, Wim Hof instructor, and certified coach at the Microdosing Institute.

Over a decade ago, Brittany started exploring the benefits of meditation and breathwork as a way to recover from an intense burnout and severe depression. Additionally, she experienced a transformative psychedelic journey (legal and guided by a therapist) that helped lift the thick fog of depression for the first time in her life.

To better integrate the profound lessons from her practice and mindfulness exploration, with includes breathwork, meditation, and other personal development practices, has allowed her to healthily explore, express, and release emotions, including anger, grief, and sadness. As a result, Brittany has gained mental stability, a deep connection with her intuition, and a robust immune system. And she is excited to share these with you!

  • RYT 200, NASM CPT, Original Strength Systems, FRCms, Mind Foundation Beyond Experience Participant, Wim Hof Method

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Nicole Kodjoe

Nicole is a professional breathwork coach, yoga teacher, master life coach and entrepreneur.

Over 20 years ago, on the brink of burnout from her corporate job, Nicole began practicing yoga and breathwork to relieve stress and to alleviate migraine pain. The transformation she experienced through mindfulness practices led to her deep-dive into the world of holistic health and wellness modalities by way of breathwork, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and EFT tapping therapy.
Nicole is passionate about empowering others to lean in and dynamically control the nervous system through movement, mindset and functional breathing practices. 
She specializes in helping clients manage chronic stress, anxiety, panic disorder and insomnia. Psychiatrists and therapists call upon her to teach their patients how to self-regulate and modulate their nervous systems in between clinical therapy sessions. For so many, breathwork has been a complete game-changer in their mental and emotional fitness and their overall quality of life. 
“Breathwork is truly the key to unlocking our highest potential. It is our biggest gift hiding in plain sight. It allows us to connect to a deeper part of ourselves, which, once accessed, can open the door to endless possibilities.”
  • Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor
  • YogaBody Breath Coach
  • Yoga Teacher
  • EFT/TFT Practitioner
  • Yoga Nidra Practitioner
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • Master Life Coach

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Chris Wurden

Chris is an accomplished and experienced breathwork facilitator and mindfulness coach.
He comes from a past of severe asthma, debilitating panic attacks, & chronic allergies. From the age of 2 ½ to 15 he experienced frequent hospitalizations… he was put on steroids, was allergic to almost everything, and lived in chronic fear of an unknown force that could stop his breath at any time. Due to these experiences, he chose to dedicate his life to search for the most effective ways to thrive with stress, anxiety, and panic.
On his journey he has traveled to over 25 countries, sat in multi-week silent meditation retreats in Thailand, became a SSI Dive Control Specialist, floated for hours in sensory deprivation tanks, and took month-long treks through the Himalayas.
In 2018 he first discovered the incredible benefits of conscious breathwork and realized he had found his calling in life. Since that moment, he has studied directly under Wim Hof in Poland, completed his Advanced Oxygen Advantage training with Patrick McKeown, and recently received his Buteyko certification.
Chris understands that all mindfulness and breathwork methodologies have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on where they are being applied, and is grounded in gaining a holistic view in order to synthesize and apply them in the most powerful ways to you!
“Our breath is essential to being alive. Teaching people to breathe properly and to find the power of the breath is central to my mission in life. Our conscious ability to regulate our breath opens the doors of health, awareness and the power to influence how we feel and act in every moment.” – Chris Wurden
  • Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor
  • Buteyko Instructor
  • Wim Hof Method Instructor in Training
  • Certified Gong Yoga Nidra Practitioner
  • Soundsmith – Relaxation & Transformational Sound
  • Owner of Essential Breathworks LLC

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Jesse Coomer

Jesse is an author, professional breathworker, cold training expert, certified Wim Hof Method instructor, and NSAM personal trainer. 

Over a decade ago, he began a life transformation mission that led him to discover how our physiology and psychology often conflict with the modern world. In 2014, he became passionate about breath training as a method to combat his anxiety. Since then, he has trained in several breathwork techniques, including the Wim Hof Method, certified as a personal trainer, become a leading author in the subject of cold exposure training, and a voice of practicality in the world of health and mental fitness on his YouTube Channel and Patreon.

Jesse now leads workshops, lectures, and training sessions around the USA while training athletes, military, and people from every walk of life.

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Pedro Sanjurjo

Pedro is an experienced and highly accomplished health, wellness, performance, and breathwork coach.
Pedro’s education and background in engineering have contributed to a lifelong study of efficiency, biomechanics, focus, mindfulness, and the incremental changes that make for peak human performance. His enthusiasm for pushing the extremes of physical capacity and endurance have taken him to performance training, mindful experiences and breathing workshops across the globe, and led him to an appreciation of the differences that proper breathing techniques and dedication to the here and now can make in everyday focus, concentration, and stress reduction, but also in achieving peak athletic performance.

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Briony Gunson

Briony is a certified mindset coach, seasoned meditation teacher, and facilitator across multiple breathwork disciplines.

Tara Jenkins

Tara Jenkins is the founder and CEO of Conscious Revolution and co-lead of the Portland Conscious Capitalism Chapter.