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The Recal Guidebook is your daily journal for mindful living. Printed on recycled paper, the 90-day auto-supply of daily, weekly, and monthly pages ensures you always have what you need to live and work with mindfully.

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The Recal Guidebook is your trusted companion for intentional living and purposeful work.

With the subscription you’ll be able to continue utilizing your Guidebook with a fresh set of monthly, weekly, and daily pages every 90 days.

As a reminder the daily, weekly, and monthly pages include a variety of resources to support your growth, such as:

  • The Calibration Check-in: a visual map of how your doing to reveal patterns and strategies for greater wellbeing
  • Gratitude Practice: appreciating the things we have enhances our mental health
  • Habit Tracker: maintain the practices that sustain your body and mind
  • Top Priorities: stay focused on the most important things in life and work
  • Daily Reflections: review your progress to live with greater awareness and intention


Living life with intention and purpose enables you to unlock the full potential of the human experience‚ÄĒeverything your life has to offer.

Let the Recal Guidebook continue to be your trusted resource for a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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90 Day Subscription

Every 90 days, you'll receive a fresh batch of journal pages printed on recycled paper, so you can continue using the Guidebook for mindful living.

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