5 Reasons Why Travel is a Great Way To Relax Your Mind

5 Reasons Why Travel is a Great Way To Relax Your Mind​

5 Reasons Why Travel is a Great Way To Relax Your Mind

Travel is a safe way towards the relaxation of your mind. People who travel often, especially out in nature, are more in tune with the world around them. Being close to nature is not just relaxing but also healing. In a world that is all about rushing everything, taking a step back and enjoying a few days outside of your routine are crucial for your well-being. Here are a few reasons why travel is ideal for relaxing the mind.

A change of scenery

Being away from home is the first step to relaxing the mind. Changing the scenery is a key element in changing the way your body and mind react to life’s situations. While in the same environment, the mind makes it easier to function under repetitive behavior. This is because our environments can shape our habits and our habits can be triggered by our environment. Once out of the routine naturally informed by your usual environment, the mind has the ability to experience new and different things. It is forced (and this is a good thing) to fire off different neural synapses that ultimately lead to new behaviors. When the mind is challenged by, say, a hike, it uses its powers to focus on keeping you up, going, and noticing the nature around you. This resets the mind in a natural way, giving it a chance to recalibrate and bringing you more centered peace in the process.

A much-needed digital detox

It’s a breath of fresh air when you take a step away from things like social media or other sources of digital stimulation. When traveling, try to enjoy the moments you are experiencing without your gadgets. You can take photos and use the GPS but resist the urge to post about it. And no emails! Be present and enjoy the surroundings, allow yourself the gift of experiencing novelty in the moment. Leave the screen at the base of the trail, and pick it up when you’re done. Enjoy the calm and the quiet without any notifications to really bring the mind to its natural peace.

Glacier National Park - Swiftcurrent - Mountain Pose


While cities and even villages are suffering from the lack of fresh air, there’s also a much more straightforward type of distraction for the mind happening within them. Noise pollution is at concerning levels in most major US cities and urban areas. When on a nature trip, quiet time is plentiful. It matters less if you choose to run around a lake, hike on a hill, or go for a more challenging mountain trail. Peace and quiet are omnipresent while you fully engage your body and mind into these activities. With no auditory distractions but your own breath and heartbeat, the mind will quiet itself naturally.

Active relaxation

While on a trip, especially one in nature, moving around and exploring is a gift. There is so much to do, and that is an excellent thing for the mind. Active relaxation starts with putting out the tent, then making a fire, preparing for the night, cooking the food, and everything that implies active movement. These activities help bring the mind into a more peaceful state by simply moving the body around steadily and letting your thoughts stay focused on what you’re doing, not what’s happening back home. You are still relaxing while actively preparing your camp, taking a stroll through a forested path, or preparing the fire for the night. All of this helps the mind find its natural rhythm of peace and quiet.

View of the Night Sky at Anza-Borrego (1)

Stargazing, one of our Favorites at Recal

One of the safest ways to enjoy your trip out of the big city is by simply looking up when the night comes. When the skies are dark and the sky is clear, an entire Universe literally stands above you. The Milky Way, the planets, the galaxies and the constellations are all ready for you to wonder about. You don’t need a paid subscription for this particular show, and it runs forever. Simply stare up and enjoy the lights of the night sky.

How Recal combines nature travel with mind relaxation

Here at Recal, we ensure your mind is completely relaxed by the end of our trips. We are confident that our mindfulness adventure approach in nature will be a welcome change of pace. We love to stop on the trails, and simply take it all in. We prioritize wellbeing practices along the way. And we appreciate the many wonders that nature always has to offer us. If you want to relax your mind, we’re ready to join you in the great outdoors. Whether you’re into quiet parks, dark skies, or something else, we’re here to help.