ddling Adventure in the Midwest

Ready for an active traveling adventure full of paddling, biking, and mindfulness to shed your work-induced stress? We are excited to offer this (mostly) unscripted adventure through the rolling hills and rivers of Southern Wisconsin in summertime. Starting in Madison, WI, the location is a reasonable drive from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis, so you are sure to be joined with others in need of a hard-earned recalibration.

The trip is designed in tandem with our outfitter partner, Lost Travel, and its Driftless 250 itinerary but adds Recal’s stable of mindfulness elements to produce the perfect remedy for burnout. The 7-day (8 including the kick-off event the night before) adventure starts with biking in Madison, WI, shifts to paddling (solo kayak or duo canoe) on the Wisconsin River to the Mississippi River, and ends in a biking trek in the countryside (or forest hills if you’re looking for more of a challenge). Participants will camp along their loop route, riverside or roadside, while progressing through checkpoints of the adventure. At each checkpoint, a Recal guide will be there to lead meditations, yoga, and breathwork exercises.

traveling adventure

Additionally, participation in this trip helps raise money to preserve the environment; 5% of trip revenues support the River Alliance of Wisconsin to preserve the Wisconsin River for future generations.

A perfect blend of adventure, mindfulness, and immersion in nature, this is an active traveling adventure that you won’t want to miss.

The cost of the trip is $595/person for solo (kayak) or $488/person for a duo (canoe). 

Click here to book on our website.


  • Welcome kit with a yellow book (guide) outlining the cycling trip. 
  • 7 days of unscripted travel
  • bikingCanoe/Kayak rental for your team
  • Firewood, one bundle, for the river section.
  • Paddles and life vests for your team
  • Bike transportation and secure storage while you’re on the river
  • A start line party to meet the other adventurers and ask us any questions (food and drinks included)
  • A finish line party to celebrate and one-up other teams’ stories (food and drinks included)
  • Donation to the River Alliance of Wisconsin
  • A treasure map that may or may not lead to real treasure
  • Surprises along the way, including Recal-exclusive mindfulness checkpoints such as yoga breaks


  • Bike. The Drifty is BYOB — bring your own bike. 
  • Food and water along the route.
  • Accommodations.
  • A SAG vehicle. We’ll transport and store your 
    bikes for you while you’re on the river, but we don’t arrange a SAG vehicle.


Below is the map for the event:

trip map

The available dates are July 31 – August 7, 2021 (July 31st is only the night-before kick-off event), May 21 – 28, 2022, or inquire about a custom date. Click here for the guide for the cycling trip. For more information and to book your Recal exclusive mindfulness adventure trip, click here