The Recal Promise


Recal Team here.

There’s a chance we are more similar than we are different, and if the story below has played out for you too, then we certainly can say we’ve been in your shoes before…

      Workload and stress levels have been mounting for quite a while and there’s seemingly never time for a break. While sitting in your office (or at home), you hear from a friend about their crazy trip to [insert cool-sounding place here] where they were able to shed years of built-up stress by summiting a mountain. Or after finishing up a workout, you catch a story from a gym buddy about their long weekend paddling through class IV rapids and successfully making it down the river.

      And you sit there for a moment, thinking about what it might be like to cut away from the ‘real world’ for a badass trip like that….in some remote location, fully immersed in nature, feeling the stress and anxiety melt away as the trip unfolds.

     But reality creeps in. Can you really make the time? What would the boss think? How much research would it take to find something like that?

     You know your mind (and maybe body) need a break from this insane pace of work and daily grind, but it seems like a daunting — and time consuming — process to research a trip like that. Not to mention you have no idea how to navigate a river….

We hear you. And we’ve been there.

The story behind Recal begins with a trip at the beginning of 2021 (yep, just this year). This “Recal Trip,” as it became known, was intended to shed stress and recalibrate the mind by taking on multiple days of hikes, climbs, paddles, and bike rides, all while completely immersed in nature.

And it worked.

It wasn’t easy…. quite frankly, it was awful at times. Not just the physical part, the mental aspects — like journaling and meditating — were just as challenging.

But it worked.

That’s what we promise a Recal trip can do for you: a “recalibration” (nifty name, right?) of sorts for your mind and body.

In order to share this with the many others who need it, we went out and found outfitters that offer adventure travel and tours that are perfect for people like us. Plus, these outfitter partners have similar core values: independently owned and operated companies challenging the status quo of racial inclusion and sustainability in the adventure travel industry.

Our curated collection of outfitters and active adventures has everything you need to make a positive impact on your life. All you’ve got to do is commit the best tools you possess (your very own body and mind) to the trip. Don’t worry, we’ll be there to help with simple, straightforward trip styles and date options to choose from, plus resources like packing lists, itineraries, travel tips and directions, meditation suggestions, and even a journal to kickstart your Recal trip.

We’re happy you’re here. Let’s do this together.

With love,

Anthony and The Recal Team

Founder of Recal while on a trip