Recal 2022 Trips

2022 Trip Lineup: Trips Are Open for Registration

Burnout is one of the biggest challenges in our modern era. We are constantly bombarded with information and stimuli that can be very overwhelming, which contribute to the high levels of stress we experience daily. That is why taking the time to get away from all of it is one of the best ways to fight off the effects of burnout. This is especially true when it is immersed in nature, a fact that is backed by scientific research.

Starting the year right

Back on January 11, we launched our flagship offerings in 2022: Quite Parks Series, Dark Skies Series, and the Signature Trips Series. These trip series offer a unique curated experience designed to fight one of the banes of modern life: burnout. This year’s locations include the Boundary Waters and Canoe Area and Glacier National Park for the Quiet Parks Series. For the Dark Skies series, we are offering a trip to the deserts of Anza-Borrego. Finally, for our Signature Trips Series, we are taking you to Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park.

Quiet Parks Series

Our Dark Sky series is another way to experience one of nature’s most breathtaking views: the night sky. Marvel at the billions of stars, planets, and galaxies that twinkle in the vastness of space. This year, we take you to one of the country’s most celebrated Dark Sky reserves, the deserts of Anza Borrego.

Located near Borrego Springs, this dark sky reserve is known for its clear SoCal nights perfect for stargazing. The Park management and the surrounding communities make it a priority to keep the area free from artificial light pollution. If you are looking for a truly breathtaking experience in the US’s most celebrated night skies, Anza-Borrego is the one for you.

Dark Sky Series

Along the Western edge of Massachusetts, the Berkshires comprise an array of verdant meadows, crystal blue rivers, rolling mountains, and quiet towns home to a surprising amount of music and arts. The area hosts a good variety of activities for visitors, boasting a great balance between natural and cultural destinations.

The Appalachian Trail runs directly through the Berkshire hills, and thru hikers make their way down the trying path every summer. It’s also possible to cycle and raft through the old growth forests, soaking in the sun and enjoying the fresh mountain water. For folks living in the Northeast, the Berkshires offer a necessary retreat within hours of NYC, Philadelphia, and Boston.

Signature Trips

Last but not least is our Signature Trips Series. This year, we are taking you to one of the biggest temperate rainforests in the US, the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park. This stunning rainforest is surely a delight to the senses. Experience the magical Hall of Moss and see nature as you’ve never seen before.

The Signature trips, like all the other trip series, lets you combine the benefits of nature immersion and guided mindfulness practices. The knowledgeable guide lets you focus on your mindfulness journey without worrying about getting to and from places. The Signature trips offer 3 tiers of difficulty from beginner to advanced.