Learn How to Train for Altitude with Breathwork Training

Why Altitude Training is Essential

Preparing for high-altitude activities presents unique challenges, including lower air pressure and reduced oxygen levels. This can lead to breathlessness, fatigue, and decreased performance. That’s why a “pre-acclimatization” block of training, the last ~5 weeks before you set off on that high altitude endeavor, is so important. And for busy people, yes we’re talking to you, finding an effective and efficient altitude training program that fits into your schedule is crucial.

How to Train for High Altitude at Sea Level

Many things happen to your body while at high altitude; Recal’s 5-week High Altitude Breathwork Training program is designed to help you train for high altitude from any elevation (yes, even Sea Level). 

Watch the video below as Recal founder Anthony discusses how the training works:

Start with Personalized Breathing Assessments

You will begin your journey with personalized assessments of your breathing to understand your current habits and capabilities. You will conduct three baseline tests; these will be your starting point and show you how and where to improve throughout your training. You will:

  • Measure Your Response to Breathlessness: Understand your body’s automatic response to breathlessness through a BOLT score (Body Oxygen Level Test).
  • Assess Your Sensitivity to Carbon Dioxide: Gauge how your body handles a rise in CO2 (and therefore understand how breathless you feel at varying levels of intensity – remember CO2 is your trigger to breathe).
  • Determine Lung Capacity and Biomechanics: Gain insights into your lung volume and biomechanical efficiency.

Get Your Breathwork Exercise Plan

After you’ve conducted your baseline breath assessments, you will now have a starting point and understand more clearly how to improve. Each week, you will receive a set of exercises aimed at improving different aspects of your breathing, becoming more intense and sport-specific week-over-week as they mimic the demands of your high-altitude endeavor. You will tackle the training from three different angles:

  • Improving Your Breathing Efficiency: Improve your ability to oxygenate your body.
  • Making Physiological Adaptations: You will practice high altitude simulation exercises to create adaptations that will benefit your altitude journey.
  • Strengthening Your Respiratory Muscles: using both targeted exercises and air resistance training, you will strengthen your diaphragm, which is essential to combat the lower pressure air at altitude, making it more difficult to breathe.

Receive Training Support

To keep you on track, you’ll be equipped with resources to guide your training journey:

  • Workbook: Track your daily exercises and monitor progress.
  • Online Videos: Access video explanations for each exercise.
  • Demos: Demonstrations of the exercises and how they are used in real-life training examples.

Taper Week and Final Preparations

  • Taper the Training: In the final week, you’ll hold back on strength training, yet still make one last push for CO2 tolerance and hypoxia adaptations using breath-hold-focused exercises. This prepares you both physically and mentally for your upcoming challenge.
  • How to Breathe at High Altitude: Learning how to breathe at high altitude is a key component of our program; you will learn efficient breathing techniques to improve your ability to oxygenate your body.
  • Breathwork Protocol for Altitude Sickness: Learn a breathwork protocol that has been shown to increase hypoxic levels, which can assist to stave off altitude sickness.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to take your high-altitude training to the next level, you can take a look at your options for training:

  1. $75 Self-Guided PDF: This includes the 5-week training with written descriptions of each exercise and a workbook to track your progress.
  2. $275 Online Training Course: Here is where you get the video modules and demonstrations, plus insights and advice from your coaches.
  3. $875 Personal Coaching Package: For those that want person-to-person motivation, you will have virtual calls with your coach and 24/7 availability throughout the 5 weeks.

Get In Touch

Have questions or need more information? We’re here to help.

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  • Email Us: Reach out to info@recaltravel.com for detailed inquiries.

Conclusion: There's Now a Better Way to Train for Altitude

Recal’s High Altitude Breathwork Training program equips you with the tools and techniques needed to handle high altitudes confidently. Don’t let altitude concerns hold you back—embrace this comprehensive training program and embark on your adventure with confidence.

Once again, I’m Anthony. From all of us here at Recal, we wish you the best of luck in your upcoming adventures. See you on the mountain soon!


Happy Training,

Anthony and the Recal Team

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Thanks for stopping by our blog. Here at Recal, we offer breathwork-based coaching to help you prepare for life’s greatest endeavors. 

The latest program we offer is High Altitude Breathwork Training to get you ready for the mountain, even if you live at sea level. We also created Guidebook to use as a daily journaling tool; it has helped leaders around the world live more focused and fulfilling lives.

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We also have a strategic partnership with Oxygen Advantage and use their products (like mouth tape for sleep and SportsMask for altitude training) to help our community become better leaders through breathwork training and proper breathing habits. You can view their online breath courses and products by clicking here.  

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