How To Get The Most Out Of My Trip To Glacier National Park

So you’ve been planning that weekend (or week-long) getaway and have been looking for things to do in Glacier National Park. You’ve seen the pictures and read the articles and you’re convinced it’s going to be an amazing trip. But your time is understandably limited, so you’re looking for ways to make the most out of this trip. You’re in luck because, in this article, we list down 4 ways to make your Glacier National Park trip the best. Read on.

Seek the quietest area of the park

A lot of us are heading towards the wilderness to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Lucky for you, Glacier National Park camping offers this very thing.

Found at the North Fork section of the park is Kintla Lake Campground. This is the most remote campground in the park. It is the farthest spot from the entrance and is actually close to the Canadian Border.

Lake Kintla - Glacier National Park

Experience Going-to-the-Sun Road when it’s closed to car traffic

Going-to-the-Sun Road⁠ is a scenic road along the rim of the mountains in Glacier National Park. This mountain road is famous for its picturesque scenery of the Rocky Mountains and the continental divide. The lower sections are open all year round but the best views are seen in the upper sections.

If you’re looking for maximum adventure (and the smallest crowds), the best time to visit is when it’s closed to vehicular traffic. This small window allows you a more peaceful experience on an e-bike tour of one of the most stunning views in the region.

Go wildlife watching

Another thing you can feast your eyes on is the diverse fauna in the region. The park is, after all, home to several species including gray wolves and bears among others. This diverse wildlife made this park a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Although you can spot these animals almost everywhere, the best spots include Hidden Lake Overlook Trail, Logan’s Pass, and Many Glacier Road. Grab your trusty binoculars and have a blast wildlife spotting. Pro tip: be sure to bring bear spray and other safety gear. Bears are amazing when observed from afar. Up close, not so much.

Practice mindfulness while immersed in nature

Finally, the best thing to do when surrounded by pristine nature is to practice mindfulness. Getting away from the busy city life is only half the battle. You have to actively work on your mental health in order to de-stress and recalibrate yourself.

Some of the best mindful exercises to try on the trip are breathwork, meditation, forest bathing, and journaling. They are sometimes not easy to do, but very rewarding. To make the most out of it though, you may consider working with a mindfulness coach to guide your practice on the trip.

Enjoy all this in one neat package

The good thing is that all of these are what Recal aims to do with their Quiet Park Series trip in Glacier National Park. Their guided trips to one of Montana’s most stunning locales are a must for people who want to get away from the chaos of everyday life and recalibrate their mind and body.